I Wish I Was Cool
May 26th, 2024

Enter Sandman (Mariano Rivera)

2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Mariano Rivera Autograph

I need a new scanner, clearly (pun definitely intended).

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a diehard Yankees fan. Well, with everything going on in life, I haven’t been able to add a decent affordable Mariano Rivera autograph to my collection.

So, I was pleasantly surprised one day last month when I opened a little care package sent to me and among an assortment of cards needed for various sets, this little gem stood out among them.

Not only was this sent to me at no cost, it's also serial numbered to just 3/5. Yes, only 5 cards like this exist. And I have one of them in my possession.

Don't worry, the card is flawless; any smudges/scratches/dust shown in the pic are from my scanner.

Thank you to whomever sent this to me.