I Wish I Was Cool
April 1st, 2024

In the Beginning

A good beginning for anything usually sets the tone for what's to come; like the first chapter to a book or an opening sequence for a movie or TV show, and so forth.

There's a lot of pressure to keep an audience engaged so that they'll come back for more, even more so when the creator is a newcomer and needs to build trust with the audience as well.

While I'm not new to building websites or blogging, I am new to capturing an audience while I earn and keep trust of readers for a website with a more specific goal in mind: writing.

This website will be used to share stories and other written works by me first and foremost. I will also post things of interest to myself that I wish to share with readers, whether it's a link to another site or just some ramblings that may not have anything to do with writing specifically.

With that said, this is just the beginning of what's to come. Sort of a rough first draft, if you will. So, bear with me while the dust settles.

Comments are definitely welcome and encouraged but let's not abuse that privilege. Earning trust works both ways, and I will be working hard on my end to earn it from readers.