I Wish I Was Cool
April 2nd, 2024


MacBook Pro (13", Retina, Mid 2014) with Fedora 40 beta
MacBook Pro (13", Retina, Mid 2014) with Fedora 40 beta

About a month ago, work gifted me with a new MacBook Pro (14", M3 Pro, Space Black), which of course replaced the MacBook Air (13", M2, Midnight) that was given a year prior. Naturally, I passed the Air along to my wife, which replaced her 13" MacBook Pro (mid 2014).

Aside from the battery not holding a charge, her MacBook Pro is in pristine condition. Since it can't be upgraded to a newer version of macOS (Big Sur is the last officially supported OS for this), I took the plunge and wiped the drive and installed Fedora Workstation 40 beta.

After a few tweaks and minor modifications to the OS itself, I'm happy to say that the computer will still have life in this house and not end up in a landfill somewhere, which is what I prefer when it comes to older computers. Plus, I can't stand to let a cosmetically pristine computer just sit and collect dust.

More than likely, I'll pass this along to my youngest and teach him how to code.

Funnily enough, the battery in Fedora lasts an incredibly long time compared to macOS, which is supposed to have better battery optimization for an Apple device.